I believe everyone is creative in one way or another. Creating art is a matter of learning and executing a particular technique and mastering the tools and supplies used in that genre. Too often a potential “artist” or person that wants to create art because it makes them happy gives up on it because they believe, or have been led to believe that they aren’t talented. I think that is one of the biggest myths surrounding the art community.

Drawing, like collage, doodling, art journaling and any other art technique can be learned through daily practice. We weren’t born learning how to walk and talk — we learned and practiced those skills daily. Our parents were our teachers, while we may have fallen down many times we got back up and started walking again. We can do the same by learning the basics of creating art.

I encourage my students not to give up on creating. That they can improve their creative skills by flexing the biggest creative muscle they have — their creative brain. When a student learns the basics of creating art and sticks with it, they can create pieces that are not only beautiful but makes them happy.

Join me at Merrymeeting Art House and I’ll teach you some fun techniques to help you master being an artist!

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